Our Members in the Media

One of the many perks of membership is the opportunity for media interviews. The Skin Cancer Foundation is often contacted by magazines, newspapers, and television stations across the country, looking for an expert in the field of skin cancer. The Foundation looks to our members to be spokespeople and to spread our mission about the treatment and prevention of skin cancer. Below are the members who participated in media interviews from 2009-2019.

Member Publication
Deborah Sarnoff, MD Fat Mascara Podcast
Steven Wang, MD Wirecutter.com
Elizabeth Goldberg, MD Byrdie.com
Steven Greenbaum, MD Philadelphia Style
Elizabeth Hale, MD Health
Jeanine Downie, MD NJ Family
Maritza Perez, MD Martha Stewart Living
Jeremy Brauer, MD RachaelRayMag.com
Vivian Bucay, MD Parade.com
Amy Taub, MD Chicago Tribune
Julie Karen, MD Accuweather Podcast
Lisa Chipps, MD Prevention.com
Desiree Ratner, MD HealthDay
Jerome Potozkin, MD ABC7 San Francisco
Anna Chien, MD Fatherly.com
Brundha Balaraman, MD Houston Chronicle
Member Publication
Amy Brackeen, MD Louisiana Life Magazine
Jeff Brackeen, MD Dave Nemo Radio, Texas Public Radio
Anna Chien, MD Martha Stewart Living
Elizabeth K. Hale, MD O, The Oprah Magazine, Parents
Julie Karen, MD PopSugar
Matthew Mahlberg, MD KSL.com
Ronald L. Moy, MD Spry Living
David Roy, MD Farm Journal
Elisabeth Richard, MD Martha Stewart Living
Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD Shape, Martha Stewart Living, Next Steps in Derm
Steven Q. Wang, MD AM New York, Bustle, Martha Stewart Living, HarpersBazaar.com. Bustle.com, Vox.com
Douglas Woseth, MD Outdoor Sports Guide
Maral K. Skelsey, MD National Foundation for Cancer Research
Adele Haimovic, MD The Daily Beast
Anne Marie McNeill, MD Allure.com
Arielle Kauvar, MD Readers Digest Online
Marcy Street, MD Allure.com
Vivian Bucay, MD Girlboss.com
Maritza Perez, MD People en Espanol
Member Publication
Shawn Allen, MD Medscape
David Bank, MD Oxygen
Robert Brown, MD KNWA-TV
Jeanine Downie, MD New Jersey Family
Rutledge Forney, MD Bravo.com LookBook
Ellen Frankel, MD Scholastic Choices
Steven Green, MD KOMO TV
Elizabeth K. Hale, MD TODAY, Wall Street Journal, Shape, Bottom Line Health Newsletter
C. William Hanke, MD WISH-TV
Ali Hendi, MD AccuWeather.com, Washington Examiner
Stephen Hess, MD KYW-TV, WPVI-TV
Lisa Hochman, MD MetroKids Magazine
Julie Karen, MD NY Metro Parents
Jennifer Linder, MD Redbook Magazine
Flor Mayoral, MD WPB2-TV
Anne Marie McNeill, MD Cosmopolitan
Ronald L. Moy, MD Weight Watchers Magazine
Melanie Palm, MD, MBA Redbook Magazine
Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD USA Today, Women’s Health, AM New York, CBS Radio, Newsmax, RD.com (Reader’s Digest), Long Island Pulse
Marcy Street, MD Health.com, Journey to Better Health
Amy Taub, MD TeenVogue.com
Member Publication
Shawn Allen, MD Health
Jeff Brackeen, MD Dave Nemo Show-Sirius XM Radio
Ellen Frankel, MD BestProducts.com
Cheryl Gustafson, MD CureToday.com
Elizabeth K. Hale, MD NY Times, Woman’s Day, NY Mag, The Cut
Daniel J. Ladd, Jr., DO Better Homes & Gardens
Carin Litani, MD Redbook
Matthew Mahlberg, MD HelloGiggles.com
Ashfaq A. Marghoob, MD WebMD.com
Anne Marie McNeill, MD Dr. Oz The Good Life, Women
Ronald L. Moy, MD Fast Company
Ariel Ostad, MD Chicago Tribune
Melanie Palm, MD Better Homes & Gardens
Steven Rotter, MD Real Simple
Ramzi Saad, MD Media Planet
Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD CNBC/ On the Money, NY Times, Women’s Health, Bloomberg Businessweek, Corporate Counsel Magazine, Media Planet
Marcy Street, MD Real Simple
Amy Taub, MD The Dermatologist
Justin Vujevich, MD Healthy Living Made Simple
Stephen Q. Wang, MD TeenVogue.com
Member Publication
Bradley Bloom, MD Weather.com
Vivian Bucay, MD Cosmopolitan
Lisa Chipps, MD Women’s Health Magazine Online
Robert D. Durst, MD Living the Country Life
Elizabeth K. Hale, MD Real Simple
Nicole Hayre, MD Fairfax County Times
Sherry Hsiung, MD Self.com
Julie Karen, MD Cosmopolitan
Jennifer Linder, MD Health Magazine
Matthew Mahlberg, MD Dr. Oz The Good Life
Flor Mayoral, MD CNN en Español
Anne Marie McNeill, MD Health Magazine
Victor A. Neel, MD The Boston Globe
Anita Osmundson, DO Asbury Park Press
Maritza I. Perez, MD HealthDay, Siempre Mujer
Adelle Quintana, MD Univision.com
Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD HealthDay, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, Reuters, Time.com, USAToday.com,
The Wall Street Journal
Marcy Street, MD MarieClaire.com
Amy Taub, MD The Chicago Tribune
Steven Q. Wang, MD Health.com, Yahoo! Beauty
Susan H. Weinkle, MD Health.com
Member Publication
Lisa Chipps, MD Los Angeles Times
Jeanine Downie, MD USA Today
Amy Forman Taub, MD US News & World Report
Ellen Frankel, MD Parents
Erin Gilbert, MD Weather.com
Steven Greene, MD KOMO Newsradio
Ali Hendi, MD NewsChannel 8 DC, The Washington Post
Laurie Jacobson, MD Walmart World Magazine
Brian Johnson, MD The Weather Channel, AMHQ
Julie Karen, MD Family Circle
Albert Lefkovits, MD Family Circle
Melanie Palm, MD Glamour
Maritza I. Perez, MD Univision, Woman’s Day Latina
Sandra Read, MD Redbook
Darrell Rigel, MD Women
Ramzi Saad, MD The Boston Globe
Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD HuffingtonPost.com, New York Daily News,
Yahoo! Beauty
Neal Schultz, MD NYMag.com “Science of Us”
Steven Q. Wang, MD Refinery29.com, Vim & Vigor
Rebecca Baxt, MD WYRS-FM Radio
Karen E. Burke, MD Family Circle
Doris Day, MD Woman’s Day
Jeanine Downie, MD Health Day
Amy Forman Taub, MD HGTV Magazine
H.L. Greenberg, MD KKLZ-FM Radio
Elizabeth K. Hale, MD Seventeen
Ali Hendi, MD NBCNews.com
John Huber, MD Mens Health
Julie Karen, MD Refinery29.com
Arielle N.B. Kauvar, MD Fitness
Albert M. Lefkovits, MD Weight Watchers Magazine
Jennifer Linder, MD Wall Street Journal
Gary L. Marder, MD Redbook
Ashfaq A. Marghoob, MD ABCNews.com
Melanie Palm, MD, MBA KFRN-AM Radio
Adelle T. Quintana, MD Family Circle
Steven Rotter, MD WNEW-FM
Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD USA TODAY
Steven Q. Wang, MD Cosmopolitan
New York Post
The New York Times
Joshua Zeichner, MD Prevention.com
Member Publication
Shawn Allen, MD Time.com
Heidi Anderson, MD Bradenton Herald
David E. Bank, MD CNBC.com
Brett M. Coldiron, MD MensHealth.com
Barbara Cortez, MD WDTN NBC News Dayton
Jeanine B. Downie, MD Family Circle
Robert D. Durst, Jr., MD USA Weekend
Rutledge Forney, MD WAGA Fox News Atlanta
Jordana Gilman, MD InStyle
Michele S. Greene, MD Woman’s World
Elizabeth K. Hale, MD Glamour
Julie Karen, MD Women’s Running
Jessica Krant, MD Cosmopolitan
New York Post
Albert M. Lefkovits, MD HealthDay.com
Jennifer Linder, MD Glow.msn.com
Patricia McCormack, MD Staten Island Advance
Lisa Renfro, MD WBAL-AM
Deborah Sarnoff, MD Time.com
Good Housekeeping
Wall Street Journal
USA Today
Medill News Service
Michael W. Steppie, MD Men’s Health
Sara Story, MD KDKA Radio
Marcy L. Street, MD iVillage.com
Steven Q. Wang, MD Esquire
Ladies Home Journal
Wall Street Journal
Joshua Zeichner, MD USMagazine.com
KOMO News Radio
McClatchy News Service
Sirius XM Doctor Radio
Shawn Allen, MD Longmont Daily Times-Call
Darrick Antell, MD, FACS RealSimple.com
David E. Bank, MD TotalBeauty.com
Robert Beer, MD “Barbara Boughton Blog”
Betty Bellman, MD Fitness TV
Craig Birkby, MD The Daily Herald
Karen Burke, MD, PhD Prevention.com
Lisa Chipps, MD, MS Los Angeles Times
Jeanine Downie, MD ScientificAmerican.com
Robert Durst, MD KDKD FM
Jessica Fewkes, MD ESPN Rise for Girls
Linda K. Franks, MD Glamour
Robin Friedman Musicante, MD SELF
Jordana Gilman, MD YouBeauty.com
Leonard H. Goldberg, MD Associated Press
Michele S. Green. MD CBSNEWS.com
Esti Gumpertz, MD WELW 1330 AM
Elizabeth K. Hale, MD All You
Allan C. Halpern, MD Reader’s Digest
Ali Hendi, MD Chesapeake Family
PBS News Hour
Alysa Herman, MD Health
Cheryl Karcher, MD ABC.com
Ladies Home Journal
Julie Karen, MD BeautyintheBag.com
Arielle Kauver, MD AccuWeather.com
Jay Klemme, MD The Post Newspapers
Jessica Krant, MD Men’s Journal
Mark Lebwohl, MD Men’s Health
Henry W. Lim, MD SELF
Jennifer Linder, MD KPNX-TV Phoenix, AZ
Eugene Mandrea, MD WJJG Aging Info Radio Show
Joseph M. Masessa, MD Sirius XM Doctor Channel
Patricia McCormack, MD Staten Island Advance
Warwick Morison, MD Family Circle
Ariel Ostad, MD Reader’s Digest
Anna Pavlick, D.O. Associated Press
Maritza I. Perez, MD Reader’s Digest
Adelle Quintana, MD CTW News Service
Darrell Rigel, MD CBSNEWS.com
Popular Mechanics
Laura Rosenzweig, MD WBT1110AM & 99.3FM
Amy Ross, MD Miami Herald
Ritu Saini, MD Health Direct magazine
Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD More
Reader’s Digest
World News Tonight
Ally-Khan Somani, MD, PhD, FAAD Angie’s List Magazine
Marcy Street, MD SPA magazine
Sumaya Taliaferro, MD WRFG
Steven Q. Wang, MD SELF
Ladies Home Journal
Runner’s World
Susan H. Weinkle, MD Redbook
Joshua Zeichner, MD Better Homes & Gardens
Yan Isabel Zhu, MD Denver Post
Debra Tanner Abell, MD Outside
Syed Amiry, DO Women’s Health
Neera Agarwal-Antal, MD News-Herald
Darrick E. Antell, MD Bloomberg.com
Louis L. Barich, MD Ironton Tribune
David Bank, MD WFUV
Michael William Bell, MD Chattanooga Times Free Press
Bruce A. Brod, MD SELF
Daniel Carrasco, MD Hill Country News
Maribeth Chitkara, MD Parents Magazine
C. Drew Claudel, MD Chattanooga Times Free Press
Doris Day, MD Parents Magazine
Parent to Parent
Robert D. Durst, Jr., MD Minnesota Public Radio
Rutledge Forney, MD CNN
Georgia Public Radio
Linda K. Franks, MD Fitness
Real Simple
Bernard Gasch, MD Clear Channel Portland
Jordana Gilman, MD HealthFitness
Real Simple
Michael Gold, MD Chattanooga Times Free Press
Michele S. Green, MD Women’s Radio
Steven S. Greenbaum, MD Suburban Life Magazine
Steven Greene, MD KOMO Newsradio
Elizabeth K. Hale, MD Fitness
Ladies’ Home Journal
Allan Halpern, MD “Good Morning America”
“The Early Show”
Dermatology Times
Ali Hendi, MD “NBC News”
Heidi Jacobe, MD Parents
William James, MD Philadelphia Inquirer
Evelyn Jones, MD “The John Tesh Radio Show”
Julie Karen, MD SELF
Ladies’ Home Journal
Bruce E. Katz, MD MSN.com
Real Simple
NBC News
AP Broadcast
Amy Kim, MD Atlanta Journal Constitution
Jessica Krantz, MD Lite FM Radio
David Lane, MD Cosmopolitan
Henry Lim, MD W
Jennifer Linder, MD USA Today special section
Ladies’ Home Journal
William McDaniel, MD Living Well 50+ Magazine
Kelli Morgan, MD Philadelphia Daily News
Howard Murad, MD Wall Street Journal special section
Dimitry Palceski, MD First for Women
Robert Polisky, MD Allure
Adelle Quintana, MD “Vamos Al Grano” radio show
Ritu Saini, MD AM-New York
Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD “EXTRA”
Long Island Business News
Wall Street Journal
Ronald Siegle, MD USA Today
John Strasswimmer, MD, PhD Smart Health Magazine
K. Dawn Vincent, MD Dishmag.com
Steven Q. Wang, MD Cosmopolitan
The Times-Picayune
Joshua Zeichner, MD USA Today special section
Member Publication
Shawn Allen, MD Cosmopolitan
Darrick Antell, MD US Weekly
David S. Becker, MD Runner’s World
Diane Berson, MD Prevention.com
Donna Bilu Martin, MD El Nuevo Herald
Karen Burke, MD Better Homes and Gardens
Doris Day, MD Cosmopolitan
Regis & Kelly
Glenn Dobecki, MD Boston Globe
Jeffrey Dover, MD Better Homes and Gardens
Jeanine Downie, MD Good Morning America
Weekend TODAY
Linda Franks, MD All You
Francesca Fusco, MD NYTimes.com
Womens Health Research
Erik Gilberston, MD Good Morning San Diego
Jordana Gilman, MD Real Simple
Mona Gohara, MD SELF
All You
Christopher Ha, MD Good Day Sacramento
Elizabeth Hale, MD Good Morning America
Monica Halem, MD Wall Street Journal Special Sections
Allan C. Halpern, MD USA Today
William Heimer, MD Men’s Health
John Huber, MD CBS Memphis
Evelyn Jones, MD SELF
Don King, MD Whittier Daily News
Maeran Landers, MD Columbian
Henry Lim, MD USA Today
Gwen Londeree, MD Columbus Dispatch
Mike McCracken, MD La Voz
Warwick Morrison, MD Good Housekeeping
Mark Naylor, MD San Antonio Express News
Victor Allen Neel, MD, PhD The Boston Globe
David Orentreich, MD AOL Health
CBS Health Watch
Maritza Perez, MD Dialogue from Coast to Coast
Kevin Poitras, MD WTSP CBS
Amy Ross, MD Woman’s Day
Ritu Saini, MD CBS with Dr. Max Gomez
Deborah S. Sarnoff, MD Associated Press
O, The Oprah Magazine
Wall Street Journal Special Sections
Brent Schillinger, MD Fitness
Steven Skinner, MD MOODY Radio
Elizabeth Tanzi, MD TODAY
Robin Travers, MD Boston Globe
Steven Wang, MD Better Homes and Gardens
Good Housekeeping
Susan Weinkle, MD Fitness
Andrea Wiley, MD FOX 40 Live